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Although Dr. Arthur Agatston may be most widely known as the creator and author of The South Beach Diet, his contribution to medicine with his development of the “Agatston Score,” is arguably the most significant preventive cardiology tool utilized by experts internationally. Although the development of the Agatston Score and The South Beach Diet are major achievements, Dr. Agatston’s primary mission has always remained the same: Deliver the best available care to his patients in the most efficient and timely manner.

In addition to Dr. Agatston, three other experienced internal medicine colleagues provide care for patients as well:  Dr. Judi Woolger, Dr. James Trice and Dr. Cindy Shaffer. Each patient of the Agatston Center benefits from the collaboration of all four physicians continually reviewing diagnoses, treatment protocols, cutting edge science and technology and determining best practices for the individual. This shared approach provides patients with a world class healthcare experience.

Please note that there is a range of fees for our preventive medicine program.

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What Our Patients Say

Dr. Agatston provides exceptional and excellent healthcare. The staff is like no other, informative and professional. I highly recommend him.

Julia C.

The Agatston Center transformed what i think of healthcare in the US. The level of expertise, attention to detail and customer service puts them in a league of their own.

James S. Finance

I feel safe and secure knowing that my family have access to the level of care at the Agatston Center. I initially went due to a cancer scare and now realize that I should have joined a long time ago.

John S. TV & Film Production