Although Dr. Arthur Agatston maybe most widely known as the creator and author of The South Beach Diet, his contribution to medicine with his development of the “Agatston Score,” is arguably the most significant preventive cardiology tool utilized by experts internationally, The Agatston Score is a method of screening for coronary calcium as an indicator of atherosclerosis that is considered by most experts to be the best single predictor of a future heart attack. Although the development of the Agatston Score and The South Beach Diet are major achievements, Dr. Agatston’s primary mission has always remained the same: Deliver the best available care to his patients in the most efficient and timely manner.

In 2004, he also founded the nonprofit Agatston Research Foundation for the purpose of conducting and funding original research on diet, cardiac health, and disease prevention, and more recently founded and opened the Agatston Center for Private Medicine, an internal medicine and preventive cardiology practice that offers personalized healthcare to patients through unfettered accessibility.

Private medical care or concierge medicine has become more prevalent in recent years and has become a widely accepted practice. Private care allows patients and physicians to spend the necessary time screening and personalizing a care plan that becomes preventive in avoiding health issues rather than reactive after a patient’s health is at risk. Preventive medicine in an accessible and timely manner is beneficial to both the patient and physician. Patients benefit from an opportunity to alter lifestyle habits which may pay dividends over time and close monitoring by physicians allows for better and more attentive care to be provided. Of course, the Agatston Center for Private Medicine provides for patients who require care on a more acute basis to help in a health crisis as well.

Aside from Dr. Agatston, four other experienced internal medicine colleagues provide care for patients as well.  Dr. Islon Woolf and Dr. Cindy Shaffer have worked with Dr. Agatston for many years and The Agatston Center recently welcomed Dr. Judi Woolger and Dr. James Trice to the practice. Each patient of the Agatston Center benefits from the collaboration of all five physicians continually reviewing diagnoses, treatment protocols, cutting edge science and technology and determining best practices for the individual. This shared approach provides patients with a world class healthcare experience.

The practice boasts unfettered access to both primary care and specialty physicians, assistance with obtaining diagnostic services, inpatient advocacy when patients are hospitalized and a great sense of peace knowing the team is vigilant about the best of the best for its patients.

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