Dr. Arthur Agatston, Chief Executive Officer.

Arthur Agatston MD, FACC is a world renowned cardiologist who is best known for his contribution to medicine by his development of the “Agatston Score.” Dr. A is also an expert in nutrition who authored the New York Times #1 best seller “South Beach Diet” in followed by 12 other nutrition, cardiac prevention and gluten related books which have sold more than 23 million copies in 33 languages worldwide. He has authored more than 200 scientific papers and abstracts. He was recognized as one of “Time 100” most influential individuals in 2004.

Dr. Judi Woolger, Chief Medical Officer

Judi Woolger, M.D. FACP, is an internal medicine physician with extensive experience in executive health. Her decades of leadership in the Executive Medicine Group at the University of Miami Health System was essential to the development of the institution’s progressive program. Dr. Woolger attended the University of Florida College of Medicine and performed her residency at JHS-Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Cindy Shaffer, Physician.

Dr. Cindy Shaffer who is from Brazil, did her internal medicine training at Mount Sinai Medical Center where she was a beloved Chief Resident. She has been practicing internal medicine with Dr. Agatston for 5 years. Dr. Shaffer has special expertise in “Women’s Health” as well as in “Optimal Health.” Dr. Shaffer is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Dr. Islon Woolf,   Physician.

Islon Z. Woolf, M.D., FACP, is an internist with a unique approach to health. He believes in developing relationships with his patients through open discussion, teaching and learning. He focuses on longevity by helping them create a healthy lifestyle with exercise, nutrition, supplements and stress reduction. He uses evidence-based medicine and critical thinking to solve medical problems. The goal is to increase life span, but, more importantly, health span – the length of time during which one is in optimal health.

   Dr. James Trice, Physician

Dr. James Trice, III, is an internist who served as a Clinical Assistant Professor of the Executive Medicine Group. His influence in the development and delivery of concierge medical care has established the highest standard and distinguished him as a clear leader in executive care. Dr. Trice attended the University of Michigan Medical School and performed is residency at The University of Virginia Hospitals.

Dr. Roberta Del Campo, Dermatologist.

Roberta Del Campo, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology. As a fellowship trained cosmetic dermatologist, she has extensive training and expertise in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments, including injectable fillers and neurotoxins, skin resurfacing, laser treatments of vascular and pigmented lesions, skin tightening techniques, body contouring, and overall treatment of age-related sun damage.


Dr. Smita Bhandar,  M.D. Psychiatrist


Rebecca Lormand,   Chief Clinical Officer

Priya Bhatt,  ARNP

Anita Lozano,  Medical Assistant

Jason Randolph, Chief Operating Officer.

Jason has over 20 yrs of experience in & around the healthcare industry serving various roles in the areas of government affairs, clinical management, business development, administration, and as entrepreneur. In 2001, after successfully developing an in-house concierge program for a 700 bed healthcare facility, Jason founded & launched a full service concierge practice in the Midwest.  He has also held positions with KPRS Capital, St. Vincent Hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Innovative Medical Devices, Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Office of the Vice President, & Hudson Institute.

Gen Muniz,   Medical Concierge