Flexible Appointments

Same Day Appointments and Unlimited Office Visits

Annual Check-ups & Lab Services

Patients have direct access to physicians via cellphone and email or office phone. House calls are offered when deemed medically appropriate. In-patient consultation, annual examination and lab services also provided.

Preventive Care

Keeping you healthy is at the heart of The Agatston Center. We organize your medical records and provide physician referrals and clinical information. Our comprehensive approach to preventive care includes a personalized wellness and prevention plan for each patient. We also provide lifestyle advice and therapeutic measures tailored to your needs.


Chronic Disease Management

Living with chronic disease is less stressful when you have a great healthcare team. The Agatston Center offers quality medical care, specialist referrals, lab services, education and support. We provide active case management for serious medical conditions, ensuring that the patient receives the best possible care when they need it most.

Enterprise Health Services

Our Enterprise Health Services are designed for companies that recognize that their employees’ health is vitally important to their professional success. The Agatston Center provides enrolled employees unlimited access to our physician referral service as well as unlimited use of our research team to address health-related questions and concerns.